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Software Engineer with proven experience in leading high performance teams

Who am I?

I consider a complete engineer in essence, not limited to a specific technology, but in solving the problem and bringing benefit to the company. I have a high capacity for learning and adaptation to environments.

Experienced Software Engineering & Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the capital markets industry with knowledge from the development environment, coding, support, as well as technology management in complex environments, technology budget and projects.

Throughout the career had opportunity to work with a large variety of technologies among them that stand out: Microsoft Tecnologies (C#, .NET, Azure), node.js, typescript and react.

First contact with Programming…

In 2003, when I was 13, and HPG and KIT.NET still existed, and allowed users with no programming knowledge to create their personal pages. This sparked my interest in going deeper and studying about HTML and JAVASCRIPT. This curiosity ended up leading me to PHP, which is officially the first programming language I had contact with.

Experiences with Development…

Since then, a long journey began, and my passion for developing applications took over and I ventured into other languages, a passage without major highlights, with personal studies, freelance work, and even some attempts at startups that did not go ahead, however it yielded a good experience and awakened my entrepreneurial side. In 2013 I got to know ASP.NET FRAMEWORK with C# and the set of tools that Microsoft provides to developers, and it became the flagship in my daily life with development. From then on, I had contact in personal and professional projects in Web Forms, Windows Forms and MVC. In June 2014 I started the startup Zanco Automação Comercial, an application for automation and management of small and medium-sized wholesale and retail companies. In April 2016, through the IBM Hackathon in partnership with GS1, I participated in the creation of the then TemPraJá project, today a startup, which aims to avoid the waste of perishable products through a multiplatform system of commerce and donation,

What I currently do…

Currently I’m working as independent IT consultant. My main roles goes from project and design software and solutions, to maintain and develop them, hire and manage teams, and also to manage the technology budget and projects.

How to reach me?

If you want to reach me, you can find me at:

My Certificates

Techninal certificates

Issuer Course Year
Professional Cloud Developer Certification 2024
Microsoft Certified: Azure DevOps Expert 2024
Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate - Exam az-204 2023
Career Essentials in Generative AI by Microsoft and LinkedIn 2023
Ethics in the Age of Generative AI 2023
Generative AI: The Evolution of Thoughtful Online Search 2023
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 2023
Streamlining Your Work with Microsoft Bing Chat 2023
Introduction to Generative AI 2023
Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals - Exam az-900 2023
Executive Briefing: Artificial Intelligence (AI) 2022
Docker and Kubernetes: The Big Picture 2018
Cloud Architecture: Core Concepts 2018
Cloud Computing First Look 2018
Designing RESTful APIs 2018
Building Microservices Applications on Azure Service Fabric 2017
Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications - Exam 486 2015
MCPS: Microsoft Certified Professional ASP.NET MVC 2015

Leadership certificates

Issuer Course Year
Xponential Academy 2022
Leadership and People Management 2021
Leadership Certification 2018
Management 3.0 2018

Academic education

Issuer Course Year
MBA Investmens and Private Banking 2019-2020
System Analysis and Development 2010-2014
Design Digital 2009-2010